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» News Archives - I'm Not Dead! (+ regarding last page)

I'm Not Dead! (+ regarding last page)

I'm not dead!

... my computer is!
You know, it figures, the day before I'm to post a new page, my computer... um, blows up.

Okay not literally.

It shut down and will not turn on again. I've got everything I want off the hard drive, so I could technically just wipe it buuuuut it had numerous other problems, and in the long run it's more worthwhile to get a new one.

The bad news is, computers cost money, and while I could have bought a new one two weeks ago, that would mean... well. Starving. The good news is, come Friday I get paid again, and I'll have more than enough for my new one! Allow me one more missed update, maybe two, and then all will be back on schedule :) I'll even upload a couple extra pages, to catch myself back up fml.

Also, regarding the last page, I was told in a comment that the image was broken aaaaaand, unfortunately, I can't fix that presently :( (okay I could. But I'm not bringing my whole hard drive to the library to do so). I'm going to blame that on the really horrible internet connection I was using when it was uploaded. I'll remove what's up right now and restore it when I come back with the rest :)

Sorry for all the trouble!

posted by Charil @ August 17th, 2011, 11:45 am   1 Comments


Alexis_Royce, August 18th, 2011, 6:33 am

I'm really sorry to hear about your computer! But definitely take care of yourself first. We'll wait. :D