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Charil, July 6th, 2010, 9:06 pm ( Reply )

Almost got a new character! Too bad, no new character for you.

I've realized that every time I have anonymous background characters, I always make the girls blond and the boys brunette. the hell.

Fun Fact: Those aren't just random names, every name on that list from Anita up belongs to a major character, and every other name will at least be introduced. Most obvious should be Dietrich, since he's kind of been HOGGING ALL THE PAGES or something.

Fun Fact #2: Kaethe Reichmann, on that list, was the lead character in a webcomic I started in my freshman year in high school. The comic died -- obvious, since it only had two pages and a cover -- but I transplanted Kaethe over to CA, since I needed at least 32 characters and didn't really want to make a whole bunch up on the spot. Sad, because now she has a really minor role and doesn't do anything. What a demotion.

[18 Dec 2012] Finally fixed that list I hated instead of just complaining about it all the time! At this point in the comic, it's kinda funny for Dietrich to be looking over names like Hanna Hofmann and Walter Lang and going "I DON'T KNOW THESE PEOPLE".

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