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Charil, 13 Jan 2015 11:10 pm ( Reply )

Hello there! I ended up taking a break for the holiday season (as I posted in the news) (mostly because of work), but I'm back now! And... I guess let's start the year with some chess-based atrocities!

Somewhat unrelated, Atrium celebrates its fifth anniversary of being a thing this April. I'd like to do a little something to show my thanks for all the support, but I don't really know what to do haha. What do you guys think?

User Comments:
NitztheBloody, 14 Jan 2015 08:55 pm ( Reply )

@Charil: Welcome back. I suspect quite a few people in your comic will catch a blood-borne illness upon your return

Tantz Aerine (Guest), 15 Jan 2015 06:40 pm ( Reply )

I keep sayingit but I just love Achen's expressions.

And we'll see if Lang is going to end up being a lamb of example or he'll end up infecting all the black pawns that go to him.

Congratulations!! 5 years is no small achievement! Why not have a birthday cake for your poor pawns?

Charil, 17 Jan 2015 08:42 pm ( Reply )

@NitztheBloody: In all fairness, that's a risk most characters in the kinds of things I write take ;D Thank you!

@Tantz Aerine: A "Congratulations! You're still redundant" cake for the poor pawns is just too amazing of an idea to pass up, I, I may have to do something about this hahaha

burningtyger, 25 Jan 2015 03:42 pm ( Reply )

Don't forget to fix the board layout if you haven't yet. maybe retcon the map to have black and white squares?

Charil, 27 Jan 2015 07:05 pm ( Reply )

@burningtyger: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten! Only reason I haven't retconned them is... well, the same reason why the next page isn't done yet, aha.

Theorah, 02 Feb 2015 01:51 am ( Reply )

character Q+A? :D And good god this is jus so tense :O

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